Christmas Traditions Enhance the Season

I asked Ray if he would be willing to share with you a bit about holiday traditions in general, and ours in particular. The following is the result. (If you’re kiddos believe Santa is real, you may not want them to read this… You’ve been warned!)

What’s more appropriate at the celebration of the Savior’s birth than tradition?Gathering around the Christmas tree in festive attire to decorate the bush, sing old time carols and drink hot cider, what could be better? Can’t you just see the scene unfolding on the card you need to send to your mother-in-law?In truth, we at the Young household do all the above with the exception of singing Christmas carols (we’re not very musically inclined, we’re just loud.) We also do something Christine found appalling after I hoodwinked her into marrying me… We open gifts on Christmas Eve! She thought that more shocking than your six-year old’s reaction when his friend tells him that the image he has of Santa Claus was largely invented by Coca Cola in the early part of the 20th century.

The kiddies like the bit about getting presents a day early, but upon Chris’ demand, we keep a few brightly colored packages intact for the Christmas morning round…right before brunch.

Those are just a few of the many traditions to which different families tightly cling – and fight over when marriage introduces new blood. For example, what time do you serve dinner? And does the mistletoe hang from the front door or the back? And of course, everyone’s favorite, who’s the sucker who’ll be the first to try your crazy aunt’s fruit cake?

I’m okay with breaking tradition if it involves a nice roast, like my mother-in-law made two years ago…very tasty. But as a general rule, we’re pretty traditional.


Now, go read about some of our family traditions, from my perspective:

I would love to hear about some of your family traditions. Do you exchange gifts on Christmas Eve or Christmas Day? Who reads the story of Baby Jesus at your house? Please share with us… Who knows you may inspire us to start a new Young family tradition!

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  1. Mindy says

    I think you’ve beat the record for number of posts in one day! (I previously held the title but you’v given me quite a run for my money.) :)

  2. heidi says

    one things my husband has brought to ur family traditions form his family is Partaking in Advent. Each sunday the five sundays before christmas we light a candle and talk about how the candle represents jesus coming as a human, servant, king, prophet and savior. We add one candle each sunday while repeatung the previous ones, we recite a verse connected to each symbolized candle. I have come to hold this as our moat important Chritsmas traditon, because it helps me to focus on the whole reason I clebrate cHrsitmas as follwer if jesus, Christmas for the whole month is TUrned to Jesus, not just the story the day of. It really helped me not get wrapped up in the gifts, though they are fun, and teach our kids, by how much time we are spending on Jesus, whats more important about the holiday.

  3. Chelle says

    We open gifts on Christmas morning…very early! Then we have cinnamon rolls and coffee followed by a wonderful Christmas lunch. I love the holidays!