Chinese Chicken Salad {recipe}

I’m a fan of the rottiserie chicken. Our quick and convenient, go-to meal for the entire family consists of a couple of garlic rotisserie chickens, veggies, and fresh bread. We can feed our entire family for less than $20, and that’s a steal for a growing family of nine!

With any left-overs, I like to make my sister-in-law ‘s Chinese Chicken Salad, full of bite-sized pieces of juicy chicken. This salad is always a hit at our family potlucks and I only wish she could make and send me some. Her’s seems better than mine for some reason.

In stores at Walmart, right now, the hot rottiserie chicken is on rollback for $4.98, saving you $1 on each.

In celebration of the rotisserie chicken, I get to share the recipe today for Andrea’s tasty Chinese Chicken Salad. Make it tonight for a late night snack and it will taste even better tomorrow for lunch! Don’t worry, I’ll thank Andrea for you later!

Chinese Cabbage Salad 1

Annie’s Chinese Chicken Salad

3 t sugar
3 t wine vinegar
1/2 t pepper
1/2 c olive oil
1/4 t salt
seasoning packet from chicken-flavored Top Ramen noodles

Add dressing to a mixture of cabbage, carrots, salad onions, sesame seeds, dry Ramen noodles, and Walmart’s garlic rottiserie chicken (cut in to bite-size pieces). Mix well, and serve.

chinese cabbage salad


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