Chicago: Day Two

The ElevenMoms had a great meeting with the Walmart team. Lots of changes and amazing things are sure to happen.

The parties started today, with a bang! Got some great swag and a tattoo(!) from the SocialLuxe Lounge. Met up with Stacey and my fantastic J&J friends, at the MomCentral cocktail party. Had dinner, twice :: Once with Frito Lay and the Fab 15, then with Team Mom and my fellow Team Mom-mers!

Oh, did I mention that I got a tattoo?

YoungMommy's tattoo

Don’t worry, babe, it’ll fade eventually… It’s only henna.


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    Very nice! I’ve always wanted to get a henna tattoo, either on my foot or hand. I’ve always been in love with it! Have fun!

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    I got a henna tattoo in Egypt and the next day my hand and ankle were 3 sizes bigger: – ( Little did I know I’m allergic to henna … go figure, it’s a natural product.

    Yours is beautiful!

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    I missed the Team Mom dinner by about 5 minutes. I guess my timing was off. I was so bummed, I was all dressed and ready to go, sat there and waited and then realized that I was wrong and you all must have left already. LOL