Chicago: Day One

I said goodbye to my family today, but hello to old and new friends.

I spent only minutes in airports, but hours in an airplane.

I walked what seemed like hours, looking for a place to eat, but had a fabulous meal with fun people.

I was oh-so tired, but played a mean game o’ checkers.

I am now sitting here in my hotel room in Chicago, glad to be here, but already missing every one at home.

Today is day one of five.


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    Perfect post Chris! My feet hurt like crazy too, and it’s only just begun. :/ I must say, you do have impressive checker skills – I never thought a simple game could make me giggle so hard. Looking forward to the rest of the week. xoxo, E

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    Noah and I went out to wave good bye but you guys had alreaady jetted down the road! He was fine and we just hugged for a minute and of course, back to his happy self!

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