It was fifteen years ago today. The hottest day of the year. I was to vow to love, honor, and cherish my best friend all the days of my life, and I was a bundle of nerves.

As I walked down the aisle, on my father’s arm, I saw my best friend waiting for me and nothing else mattered. I forgot about the heat, the butterflies in my stomach, the 250 people in the small church sanctuary to witness our union. There was just him.

our wedding day

That day we began a journey. A wonderful, crazy, chaos-filled, sometimes rocky, but always steady journey. A journey I wouldn’t want to share with anyone but him.

Happy Anniversary to my best friend, my husband, my love! I didn’t think it possible then, but I truly love and adore you more today than I did on this date fifteen years ago.

“When I found the one my heart loves, I held him and would not let go… Let him kiss me with the kisses of his mouth ~ For his love is more delightful than wine.”

First Day

Sending the kiddos off to school after what seems like a long summer is always bittersweet for me. This year, however, it was especially so. While they were all most certainly ready for the routine that the new school year brought with it, I was a bit nervous to drop them off today and yesterday on their first days. More nervous for some than others, if I’m being completely honest.

As you can imagine, it was especially difficult seeing Julia walk in to a new school, after everything she has had to experience. She carried herself with her normal air of confidence and showed nothing but excitement for a new school year, displaying no signs of anxiousness. I know kids are resilient, but I also know that she still struggles with what happened at the end of last year. I certainly didn’t expect her to be anything but herself but she has changed quite a bit. Maybe I wasn’t giving her enough credit. Or, perhaps she is just as hopeful as I am that things will be okay this year.

1st day of school - older kids

And, then there is Ben. I fear for him in this new school environment. I’m thinking it’s because he never has been very expressive, is on the quiet side and tends to get lost in the shuffle, and he struggles a bit in certain academic areas. These all being part of the reason why we kept him home for school until now. Ray, at one point today, mentioned we may be worried for nothing; this may be exactly what he needs. I hope he’s right.

1st day of school - younger kids

This mama is thankful these first days are over. I’m hopeful for a great year for my babies (who are not really babies much anymore). Here’s to a new school year!

{Back to School} Supplies

I’ve been talking a lot about back to school supplies this week, and for a good reason – school starts soon!

Are you ready?

BTS supplies

I have quite the list of items to purchase this year. I am shopping for two in 8th grade, one in 7th, one in 5th, and two in 2nd grade. Shopping online with Walmart is super easy, because you can shop by grade.

Yup, you read that right. Above is what I needed for my 5th grader, most of which is listed in the 3rd-5th grade group. Gotta love that! find all your school supplies at walmart

One bit of warning when shopping in stores  – The Ticonderoga pencils are out of stock everywhere! Order them online or you may have to settle for a lesser brand.

Other than that, you really can find exactly what you need at your local Walmart. The best part? You know you are getting the best deal when you use Savings Catcher!

As a participant in the Walmart Moms Program, I’ve received compensation for my time and efforts in creating this post. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

It’s Your Birthday

Hey Noah,

I’m not sure how it happened, but you are now SEVEN years old, and today we celebrate YOU!

It seems like yesterday Dad was rushing me to the hospital to deliver you. Just like so many times throughout your life, you were eager to show face. In fact, I almost delivered you in the front seat of our car!

You have brought happiness, laughter, and many moments of heart-swelling love to our family, Noah. Always the center of attention, eager to please, and often a little trouble-maker, you never cease to bring smiles to our faces and  joy to our hearts.

Happy birthday, Noah!

Dad and I cherish every day with you and look forward to watching you grow and mature. We know you were born to do amazing and wonderful things and can’t wait to see what is in store for you!

Happy birthday, little man!!

Lots of love,


Save More with Savings Catcher

I’ve been shopping at Walmart and telling y’all all about it for quite some time. Not much has excited me more than the latest news – You can now be certain you are spending as little as possible with as little work as possible! No more scouring circulars from each store in town to compare prices. No more worries about whether or not your corner supermarket has an advertised price on your favorite items that may be lower than Walmart. No more hassle. No more worry. Savings Catcher to the rescue.

Beginning on August 4th, Savings Catcher will be available nationwide, but I had the opportunity to use it already and Savings Catcher saved me $.75 on a single shopping trip! I know you will totally dig it! Savings Catcher Here’s how it works:

  1. Shop at your favorite Walmart
  2. Keep your receipt and when you return home log on to
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  5. You get the difference added to your e-gift card.

It really is that simple! savings catcher is easy to use   As a participant in the Walmart Moms Program, I’ve received compensation for my time and efforts in creating this post. All thoughts and opinions are my own.