Catching Up

Thank God we made it home very early this morning after a very uncomfortable, albeit short, flight home. We were all so happy to be home in our own beds, and were out before our heads even hit our pillows!

The kiddos slept until well after 11am, catching up on much-needed sleep, but as soon as they were dressed and ready, we headed out to get my babies… Boy, how I missed them! They were all so sweet, and I was all too happy to cuddle for most of the afternoon.

Josh discovered we had been at Disneyland, but reacted much differently than I had expected. He was very excited and asked lots of questions including a smiley, “When do I get to go to Disneyland?” When I explained that we would like to take him when he is tall enough to go on all of the rides, he was more than thrilled. Gee, I love this age!

Well, I have a whole lot more to share with you as we near the Christmas countdown. I even have a few more giveaways in the works! Oh, and don’t forget about my virtual tour through Southern California… I hope you plan to join me as I continue to bring you bits and pieces from our recent trips, and show you why visiting during the month of December is something to get excited about.