Breakfast Challenge Questions Answered

I have received so many great comments and questions regarding my breakfast challenge. I try to reply in a timely manner, but not every one can see my reply, so I thought that I would post some of my answers and replies here.

  • Christina @ Cutest Kid Ever “This sounds like a great challenge, but I doubt I can drag myself out of bed an extra 20 minutes earlier to make eggs. I’ll talk to hubby about having eggs for dinner though. :-)”

The extra work and time was one of the things that held me back from eating breakfast before, but did you hear that my fried eggs took me all of 4 minutes to make the other day? Eggs for dinner is a great idea, though!

  • Ellen Damaschino “I love eggs in the morning. Every Sunday evening I hard boil a dozen eggs, cool them & put them in a clear bowl in the fridge. I grab one almost every morning while reading the paper & having coffee. My teenager often grabs an egg on the way our the door in the am. and my son loves them in his lunch or as a quick snack when he gets home. I can also whip up a batch of egg salad for lunches in a jiffy..the kids favorite!”

This is such a fantastic idea, Ellen! Making a dozen hard boiled eggs, one night a week, is a great way to save time in the morning!

  • Jenni — “The breakfast idea sounds great, it’s just that I had one of those moments a few years back where suddenly I didn’t like eggs anymore. I had been eating lots of them for breakfast and lunch, and it just became too much. I do still like breakfast burritos, though, so maybe I can try a bean burrito or something similar for breakfast.”

Breakfast burritos are a favorite around here, too. We will often make them to eat on the way to church on Sundays. There are a ton of other ways to sneak eggs in to your morning meal. Check out for some ideas.

  • Kelly Tirman — “My brother and sister in-law have eggs EVERY morning and swear by it.I am willing to give it a try as well. Question: Can I do the challenge and eat only egg whites?

Did you know that the egg yolks are an excellent and important source of vitamins and nutrients? Research has shown that the yolk contains a higher percentage of the eggs’ vitamins than the white, including all of the eggs’ vitamins A, D and E. In fact, egg yolks are one of the few foods that naturally contain vitamin D.

  • HSB Suzanne — “Oh, I’d like to try this, but I didn’t get started when you did. Can I join even though I’m “late” and even if I don’t eat an egg breakfast every day? :)

Of course… You can make your own rules!

And, here’s a comment that I just had to post for you all to see. Scott has lots of good info to share!


Awesome challenge! I’ll definitely spread the word about this one.

I personally eat 3 whole eggs for breakfast every day. I prepare them in a variety of ways and occasionally just have egg whites, but the yolk is where all the nutrients are.

Here are a couple YouTube Videos of some ways that I prepare my eggs…

My wife @FitChic wrote this blog post about the misconception of eggs and cholesterol…

Breakfast should be your largest meal of the day. It will provide you with the necessary energy to get through the day, and I definitely need you to be full of energy so I can enjoy your tweets and your blog posts.

It’s not much of a challenge to get me to eat breakfast, but you can challenge me to recruit many others to join you.

Keep up the great work! I love your blog.

Scott Tousignant

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