Brave Girls

My house is not one in which you will find princess dresses or lots of pink. Everyone always sighs and laments over how Julia is outnumberd – “poor girl” … “she’ll be one tough cookie.”

Let me tell ya, my only daughter is already one tough cookie, with a mind of her own, and a left swing any boy should be very afraid of! But, she is still every bit a girl, and perhaps because we are surrounded by boys, Julia and I love Disney’s fairytales. Our favorites are stories with strong girl characters who aren’t boy crazy, but are brave and can overcome the odds and rise against adversity.

Look at Rapunzel in Tangled… I mean, that girl is tough! She is cute, but doesn’t care about getting dirty. She is feminine, but sees through Flynn Rider and doesn’t get all twitterpated by his “smolder.” Rapunzel can hold her own and knows exactly what she wants, not letting much get in the way of her dreams. And, in the end she finds true love.

And then there was Astrid, the only girl dragon slayer trainee in How To Train A Dragon… She was kick-butt awesome! No dresses or high heels for her, and she isn’t looking for a “Prince Charming.” Instead her feelings for Hiccup take her by surprise, while she’s just being herself.

These are girls who remind me of Julia. Tough, brave, strong, courageous, not afraid to get dirty or show her true self. Julia is my brave princess, and I’m happy she’s not afraid of what comes her way and is already going after her dreams.

I’m hoping we can add Princess Merida from Brave – Disney’s newest animated picture. She looks like one tough cookie. Right up there with Rapunzle, Astrid, and my Julia.


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    Should i ever have a daughter of my own (ihope, i hopd but havent found prince charming), i imagine she will be a lot like Julia. I welcome it.


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    AGREE!! We love Mulan, too! No damsel in distress there :-) I cannot wait to see Brave – I love in the trailer when she says “I will shoot for MY OWN hand!”
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    While we only have 2 sons, our daughter is all things independent, strong, athletic, and in charge. But she loves her princesses and just like Julia, leans towards those that have a mind of their own. Rapunzel, Belle, and Mulan are her heroines and Merida looks like she’ll be just the right fit to joint the crowd. Can’t wait for the movie to release =)

  4. Shane says

    Reading this really brings back my childhood memories. They are also my favorites. Among them, who’s your most favorite during childhood? Thanks for sharing.