Big Helpers

I was just recently asked the following question, and decided to answer it here — “How do you manage to make older siblings feel included and loved when you welcome a new one so close in age?”

All of my kiddos (with the exception of my twins, of course) are between 18 and 23 months apart. The key to happy older siblings is to make sure they know they are still special and have the new role of “Big Sister or Brother” as well as “Helper.” Include Big Sister or Brother in everything you do with Baby – Have her/him help by grabbing diapers, a blanket or pillow to aid in nursing/feeding, giving Baby kisses when he is upset; anything to let her/him know s/he has a big role in Baby’s life. Love on your older kiddos, too, every chance you get, and they’ll be okay!

You will find that having your kiddos close together will be a lot of work, but a whole lot of fun!!