Ben, Gizmo and the Smarty Ants

Ben begs me every day to let him play on the computer, my iPhone or my iPad. He and his five siblings, that is. They all have to take turns, and sometimes I just have to hide my phone and iPad, but I’m happy to let Ben play on my computer. To be honest, I’m surprised at how much he is learning as he navigates through the online world of Smarty Ants.

In addition to just enjoying his time on the computer, Ben is learning the names and sounds of the letters all on his own. Well, with the help of his Smarty Ants coach, that is. Occasionally he does need help with a game, but mostly he enjoys the stories and songs.

While Ben’s time on the computer might be limited, he takes Gizmo, his Phonics Reading Pup, along with him almost everywhere. If his Pup has been left behind, however, Ben will most likely be heard singing one of his songs.

As a teacher and mother, I love that the Smarty Ants program makes learning to read so much fun for Ben!

Welcome To SmartyAnts! from Smarty Ant on Vimeo.


Disclosure: I received a Phonics Reading Pup and a one-year subscription to to review for this post.