Beautiful Photos

I’m sure you all saw that gorgeous picture of Julia that I posted on her birthday, right? If not, you can see it here. I wish I could say that I took the picture, but I didn’t. I don’t think my camera is capable of taking a picture of that quality.

I have decided that I want to start taking better quality photos of my children. The first step is purchasing a good camera. But how do I pick out a good camera? I know I want a digital SLR, but do I go with Canon, Fuji or Kodak, Nikon, Olympus or Sony. Do I buy it at Costco, BestBuy, or take a chance on Amazon?

So many things to think about.

And then, the learning process. I know that the picture of Julia would not have been so great had not the photographer known exactly what she was doing. (I am hoping that maybe one day I can take pictures like you, Aunt Liz!) I know practice makes perfect, but then I’ll need to learn photoshop…

Let’s start with a good camera. Any suggestions?

Tips on Buying a Digital SLR Camera, from Rob the Explainer
Cannon Rebel or Sony Alpha?


  1. Michelle says

    Hi there me again.
    I have the fujifil s6000 and just love it.manual zoom,black and white,video capabilities,wonderful camera..

  2. angie says

    I love, love, love my canon rebel. Even a complete photo moron like me can take an amazing picture.

  3. Laurie says

    another one who loves her rebel!! i have a rebel xti and honestly, it’s made me a better photographer. i’ve learned so much with it (like how to take a NON BLURRY pic without the flash, who knew! lol) it’s a great teacher. i’ve heard great things about nikons too, but i’m a canon girl at heart.

  4. Kristin says

    Christine I ahve a Nikon that I purchased at Best Buy with the warranty. I say you need a warranty because you never quite know what might or who might get ahold of the camera. I say wherever you purchase you need to get a full warranty for acidents. It costs a little extra but it’s well worth the secuity of knowing that if something happened to it you’ll get it replaced. Good luck and I love my Nikon!!

  5. Someone Being Me says

    I just bought the Sony Alpha 300. I went back and forth between it and the Cannon Rebel but I finally decided on the Sony after reading Amalah’s post from April when she got hers. She has the Cannon Rebel and the Sony Alpha and compares the two. I think they are both excellent cameras though.

  6. Someone Being Me says

    Oh and I got mine on Amazon. I buy everything from them. They also had the best deals on the SD card I needed for it as well. I compared the price with Circuit City, Best Buy, etc. You can also check eBay. They sometimes have good deals as well. I use Amazon because if they drop the price within 30 days they will refund the difference no questions asked.

  7. Maren says

    Another canon lover! Seriously I LOVE canons cameras. I have the Canon Digital Rebel XTi. GREAT Camera!

  8. Amy says

    I love my Canon Powershot S5. It isn’t a Rebel, but I am so pleased with how well it works for us and our life right now.

  9. The Runner Bunch says

    I have a Canon Digital Rebel xti also and LOVE it. I asked my photography teacher about what camera is best because he had a Nikon and most professional photographers usually seem to have a Canon or a Nikon. He said he thinks that the two are really equal but that some people just tend to prefer one over the other and once you find a brand you like you usually end up sticking with it. The Canon Digital Rebel is the entry-level SLR camera, Costco has a package deal with it right now and it comes with an extra lens but you can find it for about $400 less if you just buy the camera without all the accessories that Costco offers (so it depends what you want). I’ll tell you all the stuff I’ve learned so far – which isn’t much :)