Baptism Sunday

All seven of our children have been baptized, as of this morning. Two were sprinkled and the other five dunked. Timothy was one of those who were dunked. Yes, we submerged our little baby Timmy in a small body of water in baptism, in Jesus’ name. And it was beautiful.

Being that we are not Catholic, you may be wondering why we baptize our children before they are of an age to outwardly express their own inward faith. Well, just as the Israelites in the Old Testament used curcumcision, Christians have baptized their children as a sign and seal of God’s grace since Jesus walked the earth. We believe that no matter the age of a person upon baptism, this sacrament welcomes them in to a Christian life.

As a Christian parent do you baptize or dedicate your children to the Lord? Why have you chosen one over the other? I’d love to hear your thoughts and stories!


  1. says

    We baptize our babies. We do believe that it is the new sign of the covenant, & that God’s people should be marked with his sign. Our three year old talks about how he was baptized and belongs to God. :)
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  2. Gina says

    As a Christian parent, not raised in the faith, I do both! I dedicate my “babies” to the Lord when they are just that, babies. It symbolizes our obedience in the Lord that the responsibility and blessings He has bestowed onto us as parents, that we will bring up these children in the Christian faith. Sealing them as a child of the Lord. When the time comes where our children feel the Holy Spirit prompting their hearts to express their faith and declaration for The Lord, then we will baptize them as a symbol of that inward conviction & declaration to faithfully walk and abide in him. I truly believe on waiting for the Holy Spirit to prepare their hearts and faith for action, thus baptism. The gift the Spirit Jesus left during his baptism is instrumental for the ‘action’ of baptism.

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    We dedicate our babies to the lord and the church. We believe that once they reach the age of knowing right and wrong they can choose to be baptized.

    Congratulations on this milestone in your faith and God Bless.
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    We dedicated our three children to the Lord when they were babies, but none of them have been baptized yet. It’s our understanding that a person gets baptized after they’ve decided for themselves to follow Christ (baptism ≠ circumcision), but I’m cool with you dunking your kids before that, the important thing is that they’re raised to know Jesus. Our oldest will probably be baptized soon, as she’s 5 years old and has been asking a lot of questions about how all that works.
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    Well since I and my family are LDS (Aka Mormon) we wait until the age of 8 years old to get bapitized, as we believe at this age, they are accountable for their own thoughts and actions, and have a clear or better understanding of Heavenly Fathers Plan for us. explains more about it! :)
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    I’ve enjoyed visiting your site, and I like this particular post. I have 4 little kids (5 and under). I’ve baptized 3 out of the 4 and to be honest, forgot about our youngest who is almost 1. We plan to do this when my parents visit in May! Thanks for how your example of living out the Christian life!