Avoiding Holiday Kitchen Hazards {Home Safety Giveaway}

I’ve been spending a lot of time in the kitchen this week. Have you? Do you have a little one who may not be aware of the hidden dangers? I’ve teamed up with Safety 1st again this month to bring you some safety tips from Julie Vallese, Safety 1st Consumer Safety Expert. Check ’em out…

Tips to Avoid Kitchen Holiday Hazards

The kitchen is also one of most dangerous rooms in the house for children.

Let’s start with the stove. The knobs and buttons on the stove are something that for some reason children always gravitate to. You’ll want to make sure you have knob covers for the stove to keep kids from turning the stove on or off when you are cooking. Also, when cooking on the stove try to use the back burners whenever possible to keep flames and hot surfaces as far away from children as you can. And always keep those pot and pan handles turned in.

You also do not want to hang anything on the oven door. A young child may try to use a dishtowel to stand up and it could open the stove door and come crashing onto the child. A stove lock can also help avoid this hazard.

Finally, when you’re cooking you’ll likely be in and out of the fridge, and your toddler might try to do that same. To help avoid this you can use a fridge lock. The lock goes on and makes it difficult for your child to open it, but not difficult for you.

These tools will help make the kitchen safer, but remember nothing can take place of keeping an eye on your child. When spending time with family and friends during the holidays, have someone else take a turn watching your little one in a different room.

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Happy Holidays!

Disclosure: I am an official ambassador for Safety 1st and am being compensated for my time and efforts increating several posts, video reviews, and giveaways in the next few months. All opinions expressed are mine.


  1. Rebecca Orr says

    These products would be wonderful for my kitchen. My two year old is always getting into the cupboards and fridge. I am always worried about her turning the knobs on the oven as well. The other day I took my son to the bus and when I walked back inside, I could smell natural gas. I looked at the stove and saw that one of the knobs was turned just enough that one of the burners was trying to light and in the process filling the house with natural gas fumes. I know she did it because my son knows better, and I didn’t go near the stove until I got home. Thankfully it had only been going for a few minutes and I was able to clear out the fumes. But it was still scary.

  2. Christine says

    Not hanging anything on the oven door. We are at the stage of opening and pulling on everything and my kids love to get into a lot of stuff in the kitchen.
    Thanks for the chance!

  3. says

    I prefer the precious info a person offer with your reports. I’m going to save your web site and also take a look at just as before the following generally. We’re relatively i will learn lots of fresh information below! Good luck for the!

  4. says

    Kitchen can be as great and interesting place or turn out as a very dangerous and hazardous workplace if proper safety is not kept. Thanks for the safety tips. The most simple and almost overlooked is turning your pot and pan handles inside, thanks for sharing.
    Hasawa´s last blog post ..Identifying hazards in the workplace