Are You Interested in Being a Guest Blogger on From Dates to Diapers?

I’m not sure if it’s due to the hot weather, having a baby in the house again after so long, or just plain bloggy burn-out, but I have no desire to write these days. It could possibly be because of the fact that we have been going through a lot lately as a family – a new business, sickness after sickness, big decisions, and the like. I’m truly hoping it’s a phase. Who knows. One of these days I may feel like writing about everything, but for now I’m asking for some help.

I would love to publish some of your thoughts, musings, rants, or beautiful pictures. Anything you’d like to send me, via the form below, will be considered for publication here on my little mom blog. You can write anonymously or include a mini bio, which will certainly be included if desired.

Take a look at some of my past posts to get a feel for the tone here at From Dates to Diapers, if you’re not sure about what to write about. I wish I could give you some ideas, but the lack of positive ones could be one of the reasons I don’t have a desire to write.


Can’t wait to see what you send me. My readers are just waiting to be blessed by you!


  1. says

    Hey Christine! Have no idea if this page is still even active, or if you’re even accepting guest blogs, OR if you even want anything of this kind at all. I bookmarked this page a while ago thinking how fun it would be to blog for you … er, time got away.

    However, I wrote a middle-grade book and published it this year. I could, if you’re interested, write something about writing, or kids books … or not … or whatever you need, really.

    You can say no, you can say you have no idea why I contacted you, you can slam the proverbial door in my face. I’m totally okay with that.

    But, if interested, let me know. I’ll send a kindle version of the book to you too.


    I’ve been freelancing writing for quite a few years. Live in Sacramento with my husband and two boys.

  2. says

    We love your little blog here. We linked to you from our blog and would appreciate a link back. We are new to blogging about babies but as an event planner and mom I am not new to the blogging world.

  3. Andrew Patrick says

    Hi Christine,

    I hope you are fine. I submitted an article having title “Best Standard Gifts To Please Your Women” on your website “” on 21/11/2013.
    I want to know the status of my post that have you published it or when will you publish it? I sent you several e-mails but their is no reply from your side. Please do let me know that are you interested to publish it or not.

    Andrew Patrick