Are you an EXTRAordinary Mom?

I would like to introduce you to a new place to hang out – Extraordinary Mothers.

At Extraordinary Mothers it’s all about the moms. We will be giving advice on review blogging, helping spread the buzz about your latest giveaway or project, and hosting some wonderful giveaways for you, as well.

Some of you may know that I co-founded a site called Mommies United, and you may be familiar with our signature features, such as the Mega Review. While MU is no longer going to be a place you will see me hang out, those fun features we all came to love will be moving with me to Extraordinary Mothers.

Extraordinary Moms was the brain-child of our mommy-to-be (for the second time) Kristin, but I am thrilled to be one of the moms on board. We have even added some new moms to the team!

One of my weekly columns, at Extraordinary Moms, is called Dear Mom and will have a Dear Abby-ish sort of feel… I do hope you will join me!