Archery: My New Favorite Pastime

I’ve shot guns since I was young. In fact, I bought my very first gun – a .22 rifle – when I was a teenager. My siblings and I would practice target shooting with my parents when we would hike through our property. But, I never imagined I’d take up archery. I certainly was never opposed to shooting a bow; I just never gave it much thought.

Not until I watched my good friend shoot her compound bow, that is. She and her husband have about 15 different animal targets set up in their backyard for practice. She’ll be out there shooting for hours, and has hunted deer and exotic game with her bow. She shot a Water Moccasin just the other day – WITH HER BOW.

Watch out, Katniss!

After watching Marti, I just knew I would love it. She has some extra bows, so I tried to shoot not too long ago, but the bow draw was too short and the sights were off, so she promised we’d try again after they adjusted it all for me.

Well, today was the day. Marti called me to let me know that Bill had adjusted the bow and bought me some blunt tip arrows with bright pink fletchings!

It took a little while to find my groove. Proper stance, my aim (adjusting the pin sight helped), and figuring out the bow release were all very important. Unfortunately, however, I just could not remember to turn my left elbow out so as to not let the bow string snap my forearm.

bow welts

Of course, Bill had me covered. After putting on the leather arm guard I was good to go. Well, until Marti noticed I was gripping the bow too hard. They tried to show me how to let it rest on my thumb in the palm of my hand, but I just wasn’t gettin’ it. Once I saw the wrist sling on Marti’s bow, I knew that was what I needed. It’s a mind game, this bow shooting thing.


I worked up a sweat, missed the target a few times, and muscles I never knew I had are so very sore, but I am so proud of myself for getting out there. Maybe it was just beginner’s luck, but I think I’m pretty good. Can’t wait to get the bow back in my hands. Bill and Marti have me hooked!

great shot

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