Angry Birds Birthday Party

angry birds birthday party
angry birds birthday party decorationsBen’s 7th birthday was in January, but with so much going on his birthday party didn’t happen. Oh, I planned one. Then I postponed it, canceled it, changed it, and finally kinda gave up.

So, when Party City contacted me and told me that they wanted to send me a bunch of goodies for one of the kids’ birthday parties, I was stoked. Perhaps we could manage to put together a party for Ben after all. It didn’t matter that we would be celebrating three months late.

Did it?

Party City sent us two HUGE boxes of Angry Birds party supplies, gifts, and favors. Boy, were we all excited! Since we were so close to Josh’s birthday, he and Ben decided it would be fun to have one GIANT party and invite everyone. So, I put it on the calendar and sent out evites. It was really going to happen.

Or, was it?

Kids got sick. I got sick. Life got busy. And again, we had to postpone the party.

When we finally had the bash of the year, it did not dissapoint. We had a house full of laughter, fun, goodies, and games!

angry birds birthday party setup

angry birds birthday party goodies

We noshed on stolen eggs (deviled eggs), sipped on pig juice (green Kool-Aid), and nibbled on bird seed (sunflower seeds) and sweet treats…

  • bird eggs (gumballs)
  • beaks (gummy orange
  • worms (gummy worms)
  • bird poop (peanut M&Ms)

angry birds edible sling shots

The edible sling shots were a big hit… they were gone just after I snapped this photo!

Angry Birds Sling Shots ::

What you need…

  • Breadstick Dough (refigerated section)
  • Cinnamon and Sugar Mix
  • Fruit by the Foot

What to do…

Shape the dough for two breadsticks in to the shape of the sling shot. Roll in cinnamon sugar, and place on a greased cookie sheet. Bake for the time indicated on the dough package. Once completely cooled, wrap with half of a roll of Fruit by the Foot. Watch them disappear.

angry birds birthday party favors and games

Thanks Party City!