An Easy Call

Less than a week and a half ago I introduced you to Chianti, the newest member of our family. I waited several weeks after we adopted her for a few reasons – 1) I was playing it safe, and 2) I didn’t want to jinx it.

We weren’t positive about Chianti’s breed, although we were told she was a lab mix she could have been anything. Besides that, she was an older pup and we knew nothing about where she’d been and very little about her
temperament. I just didn’t want to jump the gun.

Chianti was incredibly sweet and very good with Timmy, we discovered quickly. She was pretty playful with the older kids, as any puppy would be, but she was starting to play rough. But she seemed scared of Ray and would not obey a single command from him, in spite of the fact that she was very obedient to me and the boys.

I jokingly say that I felt like showing her off would jinx us, but in a funny twist it sorta did. Just yesterday morning Ray texted me, as I sat thousands of miles away at the Conversations with Coca-Cola conference in Atlanta. I could sense how upset he was, but his words make my heart skip a beat.

Chianti bit me… She was really vicious. She needs to go.

Ray is fine – Chianti drew no blood – but we had to make a decision quickly. We couldn’t risk keeping her around our babies… It was an easy decisions in spite of the fact that we knew the kids would be crushed. She had to go.

Ray took her back to the shelter yesterday afternoon.

I’m not sure if I’m ready for another little baby, but we’re already looking for a younger pup.


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    Pet are very nice to have around the house, but we also have to prioritize what to keep and let go. Good choice on letting go. Maybe you get lucky on the next pup. Good luck.