An Afternoon with the Youngs

So, we headed out this morning with a whole list of things to do to prepare for our weekend away. I was not looking forward to it and neither were my kids, but I think we did okay.

Now, I always, always do two things before I pull onto the street with my kids in the car – I do a head count and a seatbelt check. As you can see in that first clip several of my kids did not have a seatbelt on… Trust me, they did when we left the house, but those little boogers unbuckled and there were consequences, in spite of the fact that we drove only a few blocks from home to Target.

Sadly, I was unable to capture the drama that ensued towards the end of the day – ie, Noah’s refusal to get buckled, which resulted in discipline; Julia and Ethan’s argument, which resulted in a tearful Julia; and Noah crying himself to sleep. Bummer.

Wasn’t Aunt Rachel cute, though? She was so nervous I was filming her that she was all giggles and made me turn off the camera!

Lesson for the day:: Sometimes we just need to resort to bribery to make a seemingly not-so-fun afternoon turn out pleasant.


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    Just watched this with Heidi and my head is spinning! I do not know how you do all that but your kids are hilarious and I love how the little one just gets out of his seat.