An Afternoon at The Fountains

Today was a beautiful Spring day here in our corner of the world. The sun was shining, there was a slight breeze, and the birds were chirping. A perfect kind of day.

It’s only once a week that we have a full day to just play, so after some chores around the house, I took Ben, Noah and Timmy out for some fun. Today happened to be the day that there are free train rides at The Fountains in Roseville, so that’s where we decided to head. (Free train rides change to Tuesdays next week!)

We arrived just as the train was coming in to the depot, so we had a bit of time to kill before it would be our turn. Apple juice, chocolate milk, tea and cookies were enjoyed as we strolled along the shops, window shopping, of course.

It was so much fun for me to hear the comments from the many strangers who don’t have a clue that four of my children were not with me. My favorite was “Three boys? My, do you have your hands full!” Today was a piece of cake, but if they only knew!

We stopped for a while by the big fountain to watch the water spurt about in fun directions to the beat of the music. Making a wish as they throw coins into the fountain water has become a favorite thing for Noah and Ben to do, so I gave them each a coin to make their wish.

Noah’s wish made me giggle – “I wish that another baby would come.” Yeah, so not gonna happen! I sorta feel bad that his wish won’t come true, but maybe he’ll forget about it…

The train ride was a hit! Noah and Ben were so excited to ride around the “tracks” that they just could not stop smiling. And, despite the fact that he looks a bit unsure, even Timmy was all grins and giggles!

Talk back!

Is there a similar place where you like to take your kiddos on days like today? I’d love to hear about a similar day of fun that you may have had with your little ones!


  1. Jennifer says

    I can totally relate to how easy it feels to go somewhere without the whole crew! Remember how hard it seemed to have two or three? Now that’s an easy day. :) Looks like you had an awesome day.

  2. Alice Tucker says

    When my children were young, we would often go to the Sacramento Downtown Mall and ride the trolley around. They loved it! Alas, it no longer runs there…. but the children are all grown up now, anyway…. :-)
    Land Park and/or Fairytale Town was also a favorite place. We still take our grandchildren there occasionally. They love the pond and ducks and geese.

  3. says

    I see what you did here… 😉 My boys would love that place, the fountains and a train? Score!
    We go to various parks in the area. It’s always more fun when we can convince some friends to meet us! Other than that, no super cool things around here. 😉

  4. says

    i love the last photo of the boys and you! :) the places I visit aren’t in the USA haha! otherwise I would list them. But that place you visited looks great!
    Melinda´s last blog post ..Terrible 2s

  5. Mindy says

    Love those free train days!! Glad you got out to enjoy the sun with just your littlest ones. :) Super fun. And silly Ben, I cracked up at his wish! ha So what did mommy wish for? An extra set of arms and eyes…or a wife…or a robot maid like on the Jetsons??? 😉

  6. Linda says

    That’s funny, I was out the other day with just my infant and someone said to me, “My, you have your hands full!” I was like, “Whate ever! This is an easy day, I have 7 more at home!”

    I really just get annoyed when people are in such awe and demand that I must have my hands so full and how difficult it must be to have such a family size.

    I like to comment, ya my hands are full with lot’s of love, and we are blessed beyond we could ever hoped for!