So, I almost got a speeding ticket trying to get to the Alcatraz ferry in San Francisco.

But, I got lucky and he was called away to something more serious. We actually made it to the island.

From there, we explored the history and the escapes.

Pretty spooky stuff. Ever seen Shutter Island?

We walked up the hill – equal to a 13 story building – and embarked on the audio tour of the prison.

We learned about Al Capone going crazy with sipholus, and the Birdman.

Let’s just say I would not want to be here for 8-10 years, like most were.

But, at least they had the sounds and sights of the City to keep them going. Sort of.

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  1. says

    I am obsessed with Alcatraz!!! I love the whole story behind it and am intrigued with the details and lengths the guys went to to escape. Just love it.

  2. says

    My hubby lived in SF all his life until we moved in 2008 (and excluding college) but he never went there until he was 20 years old. We went as “tourists” with our friends who visited from Texas. We did the night tour. It was the perfect night for it too because it was super foggy. Spooky! I did the regular tour as a field trip in 4th grade.
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  3. Emmalia says

    These pics are great! But I’m really not sure what I’m more afraid of.. the creepy video… or Ray’s ‘scared’ face!

    Timothy’s yawn (could be him sticking his tongue out) in the first video is sooo so adorable!!!