Adoption- Bringing a Child Home

Ali here again, as promised, to share with you some great ways to raise the funds to bring your adopted child home to you ::

Doing blog designs: I may not be the best blog designer out there, but I have been able to raise a bit of money by doing what I can with people’s blogs, and getting a donation for our adoption as payment. If you have photoshop, a love for graphic designing, and a little knowledge about html, this is a fun way to raise funds!

Garage Sales: We have been blessed to have family and friends from our church donate unwanted items to sell in a garage sale. We were able to raise around $400 in one weekend! It doesn’t even come near the amount we need, but every little bit counts. Items could also be sold on Craigslist. I have heard of families getting a lot of good use out of craigslist!

Bake Sales: If you have friends or family that have a knack for baking, people love to buy homemade baked goods. We are blessed to be able to have friends who love to bake. Baked goods can be sold at the garage sale too!

Car Washes: Now, we haven’t been able to do this one yet, but are planning on doing some this September. If cheerleaders from the local high school can have a car wash to raise money for their cheerleading, surely family and friends can get together and have a car wash to raise money for an adoption.

Grants and No Interest Loans: There are many ministries that offer grants or no interest loans to adopting families. Some of them only offer a few hundred dollars, but at least it is something. To be able to apply for these grants, you need to have your home study completed. It is a lot of work filling these out, but in the end it will be worth it if you are approved.

Online fundraisers: One fund raiser that I just started is a puzzle piece fund raiser. This one is great because everyone who contributes, gets to in a sense, be a part of the adoption. We bought a puzzle that reflected the nationality of the baby we are adopting. In our case, the 1,000 piece puzzle is a picture of an African American girl reading her Bible. Each puzzle piece can be sponsored for $5. Each sponsors name is written on the back of the puzzle piece (or pieces). As more pieces are sponsored, we as a family put the puzzle together. As the puzzle is being built, we will take pictures and post them on our blog. In the end, we will have a completed puzzle to be hung on the baby’s wall in it’s room. The puzzle will be a constant reminder of all the people who made it possible for them to come into a loving home. They will see the names of the people who cared and contributed to their adoption.

Pampered Chef or other types of home parties: If you know someone who sells products like pampered chef, or discovery toys, you could host a party! Sometimes friends who sell these items will even be willing to donate their commissions toward your adoption. We have a friend who sells Scentsy candles. Throughout the month of September she is donating the commission from her sales to our adoption. Purchases can be made online, or through one of her catalogs.

Another great online fundraiser (yet to be tried by me) is having some sort of thank you gift to be given away to everyone who donates to your adoption. I was able to do a blog for a homeschooling mom who writes foreign language curriculum ebooks. As a thank you, Evonne Mandella from Wholesome Learning is allowing me to give away her ebook entitled “Read New Testament Greek Today” to those who give a donation toward our adoption. If you have a product that could be given away as a thank you, more people may be willing to help you out.

There are many more ideas out there on fund raising. I have had people suggest holding spaghetti feeds, or if you know a musician, hold a fund raising concert. The options really are endless. All it takes is some hard work, research, and ambition to see your ideas come to life. We can’t let money get in the way of seeing a children put into loving homes.

We still have quite a ways to go before we have enough funding to move on to the next step in our adoption. All we can do is keep on going, and do what we can with the knowledge and resources we have! Every little bit brings us a little closer to the day we can bring our child home.


Ali Telfer can be found blogging at My God Given Mission Field, as well as Mission Field Designs. If you would like to help contribute to the Telfer Family’s adoption, more information can be found on their family blog. If you would like to become a puzzle piece sponsor, you can sponsor a puzzle piece by going to and clicking the buy now button under the puzzle piece sponsor heading in the sidebar.