A Gift of Blocks

Photobucket - Video and Image HostingLet me introduce you to an all new set of blocks. Blocks of the jewelry kind.

Irina, mother and graphic designer, is the artist behind these fun pieces of jewelry made of shrinky dinks. Yep, you read that right – shrinky dinks! At first I was a little skeptical too, but once I saw all of the pieces she has made, I knew that her jewelry would be perfect for some of the special people on my Christmas shopping list. And, because I am a sucker for pink, I knew I needed the butterfly necklace!

You truly have to see them to believe it. So, run over and check out her site, i love blocks… I’ll wait….

Okay, so now that you’ve seen Irina’s work, wouldn’t you agree that her jewelry would make a great gift? All of her pieces posses a funky and unique quality that I’ve never seen anywhere else. In fact, a good number of her pieces are inspired by the photographs that she loves to take.

Do you have a nephew or cousin, on your shopping list, who may enjoy a fun piece of art to wear? How about your babysitter? Well, gift them with blocks!

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Would you like to win a Butterfly Necklace, like mine, from i love blocks? Visit i love blocks, then leave a comment here telling me who on your shopping list would enjoy a piece of block jewelry. A winner will be selected randomly at midday on December 6th Monday, December 10th. Good luck!
I would love if you could help spread the word about i love blocks, and this giveaway, however it is not a requirement to win.

This giveaway is now closed. Thank you all for entering!


  1. windycindy says

    Happy December! There are a many that would love a piece of the “block” jewelry. I have 2 nieces that would, a great-niece, 2 sons’girlfriends, etc. Please enter me in your fun and wonderful contest. Thanks,Cindi

  2. Milk Mama says

    Oh that would be the cutest thing ever! I admit that I haven’t spoiled myself PERIOD in the two years since I conceived, gave birth, and then began chasing a one year old!

  3. Wendy says

    I can think of a few girls in my life that would love something like this!

    (And I’ve got your button in my sidebar, just to let you know.) :)

  4. Becca says

    I’d love to give the Error Bracelet to my little sis. She’s always got the coolest jewelry and I think she’d love this unique piece.

  5. Qtpies7 says

    I would love to get simple flower necklace for my dd who is 16. I have a couple of tile necklaces on ribbon and she is constantly trying to get me to give her one.
    I would love the I heart coffee.

  6. kevnjacks says

    I think it’d have to be my younger sister who just had her fourth baby – a little something pretty to get her thru the hectic days. :)

  7. Karla W. says

    My 14 year old daughter is who it would be for. She’s been very moody lately and when I asked her about it she said it was because I’m buying gifts for everyone but her. :) I reminded her that if I showed her what she was getting I wouldn’t need to wrap them and put them under the tree.

  8. Debbie says

    I would love to win this special necklace for my daughter. she is very much a butterfly, a free spirit in the wind. Please enter me in to win.. Thankyou

  9. ellinghouse says

    I would love to give this to my younger sister. She’s in Design school and just loves unique pieces. This one would be perfect.

  10. Susanne says

    Oh, Oh…this would be perfect for my sister-in-law! She loves butterflies and beautiful jewelry! And you would know I picked her for a big gift this year…Crossing my fingers!!! Thanks!


  11. Carrie says

    Well, technically *I* would love this necklace. However my sister is on my christmas list and I know she would love it as well! 😀

    mountainrailway at gmail dot com

  12. Deb - Mom of 3 Girls says

    I’d love to give this to our daycare provider – she’s a single mom with 4 kids and never buys things for herself… It’s beautiful! :)

  13. penniesinmypocket says

    I can think of a ton of people who would love this necklace … my SIL, mom, best friend, neice, I could go on and on. Oh and they would love all the other items they have. I love their website! I’m heading back now. :) ~melody~

  14. striving... says

    okay, I would love a block necklace, the butterfly is awesome, but I also like the Emerald necklace. That is one thing that I constantly hound my hubby for every year. My girls would like this too. Thanks for the chance.

  15. Alyson, Brett & Girls says

    Hmmm, who to select….wait, I know…ME! I could give it to me! No? Okay my daughter and neice!

  16. -TNChick- says

    oh these are cool – it’s the first time I’ve saw them. I’d love one for myself.. I’m sure my daughter would like one, too, tho!!

  17. Katja of skimbaco.com says

    What a beautiful jewelry!! My girls would love those and so would my sister.

    Come and read my blog and then e-mail me :)


  18. heather h says

    I would love it! Ok, my sister and sister-in-laws would also love them. These are so cute! I especially love the power, tree, and dandelion necklaces. These are lovely!

  19. Renae says

    I really do like the butterfly one…but it would be more fitting for my sister. I’d really like the dandelion necklace!


  20. Beth K says

    i think this jewelry…maybe the error bracelet?…would especially appeal to my friend kim!

  21. lusciousnis says

    Umm.. who WOULDN’T love this jewelry line?? If I had to choose one recipient (other than myself!) I’d choose my stepsis!

  22. Jennifer says

    Oh, I love her work! Thanks for sharing this site! I have it bookmarked for future use! It would be hard to pick just one person who would love to receive one of these pieces of jewelry, but I guess my best friend would be at the top of my list (other than myself)! Thanks for the chance to win! Happy December!

    Jennifer :-)

  23. Robin says

    I’d give this to my daughter – she’s having a baby in Jan and I’d love to give her something nice.
    Thanks for the opportunity. The items on that site are lovely.

  24. Augusta's Grandma says

    My daughter would love any item from your site. I love the falling petal bracelet!
    Blogged you at missiongiveaway.blogspot.com

  25. SuzyQSparkles says

    My almost 3yo son would enjoy the STOP necklace. He likes wearing surfer style necklaces and he’s always telling me things like “go away” or “stop”.

    Also, it reminds me of a pair of earings I wear when I’m having a REALLY bad day… they have “STOP, YIELD, and U-TURN” signs hanging from them… just a subtle hint for people to leave me alone!

    Suzy 😀

  26. Kylinsmom says

    My sister would love this! (But is is selfish to say that I would love it more?) thanks for the awesome giveaway, Christine!

  27. Elizabeth says

    My sister would love the butterfly. My best friend would love the diamond necklace…she has a great sense of humor!

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