A Day Made Better

Last week OfficeMax surprised 1,000 teachers across the country with a total of $1 million in classroom supplies, thanking them for their hard work and dedication in the classroom.

To the average American teacher, “back to school” means spending approximately $1,000 out of their own pocket for essential classroom supplies.OfficeMax founded A Day Made Better to help ease the financial burden on teachers and recognize their extraordinary efforts in the classroom. On October 1, OfficeMax associates around the country will surprise 1,000 teachers with a total of $1 million worth of school supplies. Since 2007, A Day Made Better and other OfficeMax Goodworks programs have contributed more than $25 million in grants and supplies to support more than 31,000 teachers and their classrooms. Additionally, through the annual event, OfficeMax has helped its nonprofit partner AdoptAClassroom.org secure funding for more than 100,000 classrooms nationwide. Learn more at adaymadebetter.com.

OfficeMax a day made better
I was given an exclusive opportunity to make a difference in my community by surprising a deserving teacher in our community. We chose to honor Noah’s 1st grade teacher on behalf of OfficeMax, so Ray and I wheeled in a posh desk chair with the huge box o’ goodies sitting on top. In the box were school supllies, a Kindle Fire, a digital camera, and more. Boy, was Mrs. Youngblood surprised!

OfficeMax is offering a $100 gift card to one of my lucky friends, so you too may join in the cause and surprise a teacher in your community. All you have to do is leave me a comment below telling me about your child’s teacher and why you think he/she deserves to be honored. I will randomly choose a winner from the comments on October 21st, and the gift card will be sent out.

Disclaimer: OfficeMax donated the classroom supplies that I received and donated to the teacher. The gift card featured in this giveaway is also provided by OfficeMax and will be sent to the winner directly. Opinions expressed in this post are 100% my own. I have not been compensated for this post in any other way.


  1. D SCHMIDT says

    I think my oldest son’s teacher deserves recognition because she has really inspired him, brought him out of his shell and generally made him enjoy going to school.

  2. Tonja says

    The person I would recommend for this giveaway from OfficeMax is not a teacher in a school, but a daycare provider that teaches preschool. She is a giving woman who uses her own funds to provide supplies to teach children skills before entering the school system and doesn’t complain about it. Teachers are given discounts when buying in bulk at many places where daycare/preschool providers are not because they do not have the educational degree. This “teacher” to my children treats her “students” like her own children and many of them pass their entrance exams to get into the school systems with above average scores. I would nominate her for her kindness, generosity and giving attitude to her “students” when asking for nothing in return except a hug at the end of the day.

  3. Elena says

    My son’s teacher is great because she loves her work and is able to listen to every child’s needs

  4. Linda Stewart says

    When I first met Peyton’s teacher I was totally and completely scared to death that he would come home horrified and hate his teacher. She’s an older woman and I just didn’t see her and Peyton ‘meshing’ or being able to get along. BOY was I fooled. Peyton adores his teacher and she adores him. He struggles with attention issues and has a ‘not so healthy’ past which affects his behavior. While he isn’t a bad little boy by any means, he is a handful. His teacher told me recently that she is drawn to Peyton because he reminders he so much of her oldest son. She is awesome with kids and she knows how to maintain a 1st grade classroom without drama and issue.

  5. Nicole Larsen says

    My daughter’s kindergarten teacher deserves this. She is fantastic with the kiddos and always puts lots of time and effort into projects with the kids. I know she would love a little extra to buy paper, pencils, scissors, markers and more! I also know for a fact that she buys lots of school items with her own money!

  6. Katherine says

    I would have to split it between two teachers. Both of my children have fantastic teachers this year. Their 2nd and 4th grade teachers really care about the students and want to help out each child individually.

  7. Leah Bush says

    As a homeschooling mom of 6 kids, it is not often that my kids have other “teachers.” This year I decided to send my two little ones to preschool to give me some time to teach my big kids with no interruptions. Their teacher is amazing and my boys love going to school. They have enjoyed all the little things she does to make their day amazing. The smiles on their faces when I pick them up to their constant questions of “Am I going to Ms. Kim’s school today?” helps me to know they are in great hands! She allows me to be a better teacher to my older kids because I know they love being there and I am confident in her. Hands down, she deserves a special gift!

  8. Tanya White says

    My daughters teacher is wonderful, she not only teaches my daughter about school subjects but she also teaches her about life. Yesterday she taught them about brushing their teeth properly and today my daughter overheard one of her siblings say the word “hate” and my daughter says “Hate is a strong word, use detest” I asked her where she learned that and she said her teacher taught her that.

  9. Shannon Baas says

    I would use it for my son’s kindergarten teacher. He is struggling and she is spending a lot of extra time with him.

  10. Margaret Smith says

    My son is in special ed for having reading difficulties. He’s had the same teacher on and off since he was in first grade. He’s now in eighth grade and lucked out to have the same teacher once again. She has helped him so much with his reading. For the past three years, he’s made straight honor roll. Just a week ago, we spoke to the child study team and they have hopes of having him get out of the special ed program. Honestly, this teacher, really has helped him progress throughout the past years and we owe her a debt of gratitude.

  11. Natasha says

    My son’s teacher is amazing because she spends so much time with each child and really works on each child’s needs. She is also so kind and generous – I would love to give her this!

  12. Lisa Brown says

    My son’s 1st grade teacher is the beat. So patient with him and she has a way of getting though to him, the material he needs to learn.
    jslbrown_03 at yahoo dot com

  13. Danielle Porter says

    I don’t have a child, but I have 3 teachers in my family and they all spend their own money on their classes and care about their students a great deal!!!

  14. Janet W. says

    I think my grandson’s preschool teacher deserves this prize because she has been incredible to him. He is extremely shy and would cry every day for the first month because he didn’t want to go to school. She was so patient with him and caring. She got him feeling comfortable at school and away from his mommy and is now learning so much and excited about going to school.

  15. Melissa B. says

    I think my daughter’s band teacher should be nominated because he does such a great job teaching kids how to play different instruments. He works with grades 6 thru 12 and still manages to be so happy and energetic that he’s actually one of the students all time favorite teachers.

  16. Kelly D says

    My son’s teacher deserves to be honored because he is having a great year, and learning so much. She keeps everything running smoothly, which I know also means purchasing supplies out of her own money to use for class. I send in supplies to help when I can.

  17. debbie says

    My son has been sick for several months and missed a lot of school. His teacher has been so understanding and made sure that my son was not worried about making up the work, just about getting better.

  18. Nicole Brenay says

    I do not have a child but I am an aide for a 5th grade teacher. I believe she could use the extra help with supplies. She she is always talking about the things she spends her own money, but she always replys, ” but the kids need it.” She is a wonderful teacher and the kids love her. I hope I can help her out a little financially.

  19. says

    My mom is a special education teacher who is incredibly passionate about her job. She dedicates more hours than she gets paid for into her work, like all teachers, I think. She works so hard for kids that many people dismiss as hopeless causes and very often makes a huge difference in their lives.
    Robyn Anthony´s last blog post ..VTech Cody the Smart Cub Giveaway

  20. says

    I think my niece would be a great teacher to get this! She is so dedicated and committed…she loves her students and they love her. She works in a very challenging school (and community), and she goes in there, every day, with a smile, and with the determination to make a difference. It’s so uplifting. Last year, she and her parents “adopted” one of the families, and bought them a video game system and all kinds of toys and gifts — and it was just, amazing.
    Kristin @ Keenly Kristin´s last blog post ..9thandElm.com: Handmade, Independent, or Otherwise Cool

  21. Helga says

    She should be chosen because she is so supportive of her students and spends a lot of time with them individually according to their unique learning style and personality.

  22. Stacy D. says

    I believe my son’s teacher deserves this! She’s ALWAYS spending way more of her own money than what she should to give the kids the best opportunities possible! She plays a huge role in my sons life and he really looks up to her!

  23. Cynthia C says

    My son’s second grade teacher really made it fun for him to go to school and he learned a lot that year.

  24. Jessica Lukosavich says

    I’d love this gift card for myself. I’m a special education teacher in a low-income, urban public school in Chicago. My kids range from 1st to 8th grade and have a wide range of disabilities. Many have problems with learning, attention, and behavior that require intensive interventions. Unfortunately, my school doesn’t have everything we need to be able to provide all the supports at this time. With many school closings in Chicago at the end of last school year, our school received an influx of new students that we were not expecting and we also had a budget cut, as did most CPS schools. This means that most teachers, myself included, have had to dig deep in their own pockets in order to provide basic classroom supplies. This gift card would allow me to be able to purchase more of the materials that my students need to be successful in school.

  25. Lori Davis says

    I think my daughter’s Language Arts and Reading teacher, Mr Dessi, deserves something special because he is very dedicated to his students. He has a love of reading and teaching, and is genuinely interested in seeing the kids grow and learn! I knew from the day I first met Mr Dessi, that my daughter would do well in his class! I also have to give him credit for the long classes that he teaches (they have 2 periods back-to-back and that equals around 2 hours!) He is very kind, patient, and communicates openly with parents! I would love to see Mr Dessi win, he could really use it for his classroom! They always need supplies!

  26. Erika W. says

    I would actually drive two hours to Savannah to surprise my daughter’s 3rd grade teacher. My daughter is now in 6th grade. Her 3rd grade teacher has been teaching for over 20 years. The school my daughter attended was partially on the military base we were stationed at. A lot of the non-military kids that attended the school were from low-income families. My daughter’s teacher used a lot of her own funds to pay for everyday supplies for kids (pencils, paper, etc) that their parents were unable to supply them with. I know there are a lot of teachers out there who do this but this teacher was just special. She was tough on kids but only because she wanted them to be their best. My daughter really learned during 3rd grade how important it was for her to just do her work and try her best and teachers would see that and appreciate it.

  27. says

    My daughters teacher is a great person. She takes the extra time out to make sure that nit just my child, but everyone elses child, is prepared for and understands the work at hand. She has a great level of communication with the parents and she almost always emails or call us when she feels that out child needs a little more attention. I wish that more teachers were like this. As a matter of fat, I wish that we as a while respected teachers moe than we do !
    Tricia W.´s last blog post ..Don’t Quit Now! Keep Your Kid Motivated for…

  28. Amy Honious says

    i do not have a teacher, but a school that would benefit from this program. my kids are all in college or older now, but they attended a local charter school named Dayton Early College Academy. They focused solely on academics and preparing the kids for the future. No sports, etc. The staff and teachers are all very encouraging but tough. My children benefited greatly by going there instead of the local public high school. thanks for such a grand and very useful giveaway!

  29. jules p says

    I would like to nominate my daughter’s music teacher. My daughter struggles with other classes, but once she started taking music classes, her entire life has changed. She functions a lot better in her math, writing and reading classes. Music has improved her outlook about herself and her self esteem is through the roof. I am thankful that our schools have a great music program. Music has made such a difference in my little girl

  30. Kali says

    Almost every single one of my in-laws are teachers – and my father-in-law deserves a fun shopping spree at OfficeMax more than anyone. He came to teaching later in his life; he worked as a manager of a retail establishment for over 20 years before he went back to school to get his teaching degree. He has been so happy and grateful to have been given the chance to make his calling into a career, and he shows his gratitude by giving everything he has to the kids he teaches. He’s been teaching at-risk students from low-income families in middle school science for about six years now, and he’s so passionate about instilling a love of learning in each of them. He’s always gone above and beyond what’s expected and more than putting his time and effort into his classes, he’s spent a lot of his own money, too. He not only buys everyday supplies needed for some projects and experiments, but he also makes sure every child has basic school supplies. I know he would put an OfficeMax gift card to really excellent use.

  31. Amanda Sakovitz says

    My best friend is a first grade teacher and I would love to surprise her with this so she can buy supplies for her classroom.

  32. Diana Bockheim says

    My daughter’s second grade teacher is the best. She givesach child respect and really cares about the kids. She is fun and makes learning fun for my daughter.

  33. Tabitha P. says

    I wouldn’t give it to my dd teacher at all….
    But I would give it to the library lady.
    She encourages the kids to read and treats them well.

  34. Leann Lindeman says

    My daughter is out of school… graduated from college. she did have some great teachers though.

  35. Erica says

    It would be my very best friend, the best teacher I’ve ever met in my life. She gives 100% of herself to her students and always goes above and beyond. Her creative methods of incorporating activities and games into learning allow her students to understand what they are learning (not just memorize facts).

  36. Amber says

    My daughter is in a gifted magnet program and her teacher is absolutely the best. She really allows the kids to explore their individual interests while still staying within the bounds of the curriculum. She makes learning fun for the kids, which I’ve seen firsthand when I’m chaperoning field trips. And she always encourages deeper learning, so the kids are really free to explore their passions.

  37. Stephanie V. says

    My son’s teacher has a heart of gold, gives her all with the resources available but needs more supplies to teach how she’d like. This gift card would truly help her!

  38. Terri Herman says

    My niece’s teacher is awesome! Not only does she take a personal interest in EVERY child, she also volunteers as cheer coach, teaches Sunday School, and participates in many local charities! She is truly a dream teacher!

  39. Colin Glendon says

    Our childs teacher goes above and beyond. Our kid goes to a charter school, and she makes regular check ups on her, and gives her books she knows she will find interesting. I wish all teachers were as thoughtful as her.

  40. Natalie says

    My mom is a teacher and deserves to be honored because she goes above and beyond the call of duty. She engages kids in art projects when other teachers don’t bother and researches neat math games!

  41. says

    I absolutely adore my daughter’s 4th grade teacher. She is her mama during the day, and she watches over and protects those kids like her own. She is every child’s advocate. This morning as I was dropping my daughter off, she said, “I got you all some erasers. Go get them out of the bag and pass one out to everyone.” She works as a teacher and then works a second job to make ends meet. I have never met someone so deserving of an Office Max donation. She is absolutely precious.
    Rachel´s last blog post ..Red wine, teen drivers, and dog puke. You’re welcome.

  42. Patty White says

    My daughters teacher is Mrs. Burrs. She deserves to be honored because she came out of retirement to teach my daughters class after the original teacher had to leave for medical reasons and the school had no one at all to replace her with. So Mrs. Burrs volunteered to come back this year so the kids wouldn’t be crammed into another class.


  43. heather says

    I don’t have any kids yet but I sure know some great teacher who go out of their way to help their students. I sure had some great teachers growing up who really cared about all of their students and made learning a fun thing. I could really use this card thanks for the chance to win this one.

  44. Carolyn G says

    My friend Bonnie is a teacher and she deserves this because she is one of the most dedicated teachers I know.

  45. Anita says

    My nieces teacher has been able to transform
    This tyrant into a better girl. Her patience
    And kindness
    More than $100!!
    Imnotarunner at gmail dot com

  46. soha molina says

    My child has been lucky that she has had many wonderful teachers so far. I have to single one out though and that is her current teacher. He is very caring and takes the time out to interact with each student.

  47. Emily R. says

    Our older son’s special education teacher is truly a special teacher. She was his pre-k teacher & now his resource teacher. She also teaches him & other kids with special needs swimming lessons at our local YMCA.


    Both my children have the same teacher and fortunately they both love her. I’ve known her for many years and she’s compassionate and devoted. Its a great feeling knowing that she loves her job and it shows.

  49. RebeccaW says

    My kid’s teacher is great because she genuinely loves the kids in her class and gives of her time and attention to make sure that they are understanding and learning in their subjects.

  50. Maryann S. says

    I would love to surprise Miss D. the new 4th grade teacher at school. She has so much joy and you can see how much she inspires the kids to love learning and do their best. This is her first year teaching so I know between paying student loans and buying things for the classroom with her own money, this would be a blessing for her.

  51. Jennifer Rote says

    My son is in 5th grade and his teacher Ms. Simonds does such a great job. She goes above and beyond and helps children who’s parents don’t have the ability to buy supplies.

  52. Brooke says

    My sister in law is a teacher and spends lots of money out of her own pocket to make sure that her 3rd grade students get what they need supply wise. I would love to see her get this so she can continue to provide supplies for her students.

  53. Paige Chandler says

    My daughters 1st grade teacher is awesome. She takes time with each child and constantly communicated with us the parents

  54. steve weber says

    My nephew’s teacher has advanced my nephew’s skillsets.. he already learns things that a 3rd grader starts learning and he’s only 5!

  55. Mary Calabrese says

    My stepson’s English teacher has engaged him and he’s doing his best work in that class.

  56. Jenny says

    I would give this to my son’s pre-k teacher. I really have never met a more patient, understanding and energetic teacher! She really seems to love what she does, and the kids in her class can see that too. If only every teacher where like her!

  57. Tamar says

    My son loves one of his teachers and drops everything to give her hugs. That means a lot to me since I can tell she truly instilled educational value and love in my child.

  58. mickeyfan says

    My kids are grown, but my late mother was a teacher. Several of her former co-workers are still teaching, and every year on her bday, I give a gift to her former school. This would just add a nice amount to that.

  59. Tabathia B says

    My daughter AIG is in her first year teaching with limited resources, teaches out of a mobile trailer and she doesn’t have all the tools she needs to teach students at such advanced work. She often borrows resources from the local college. But my daughter loves her and so does the rest of the students and she is really good

    tbarrettno1 at gmail dot com

  60. Alycia says

    My son’s pre-school teacher is fabulous – she’s really helped him grow over this past year and has the patience of a Saint!

    acartwrightmorell at gmail dot com

  61. Meghan K says

    I’m still in school part time and am running super low on materials. This would help tremendously!

  62. Serena Powell says

    I don’t have a child, however I would love to honor my 3rd grade teacher. She has been one of the biggest influences in my life. I started to really love education and learning when I was in her class. She has taught me so much and is very passionate about helping others learn. I’ll never be able to repay her for everything she has done for me.

  63. william p says

    my son has a coach. now this just isn’t any coach..yes he teaches him how to play football. but he also teaches life lessons. he inspires my son, his teammates, and the parents to work together. It is amazing to see how the kids as well as the parents are encouraged by him. he is just a nice guy.

  64. rich morris says

    My son is in a pre-k program due to needing extra help with his speech. His teacher goes out of her way to work with him and he’s made so much progress since he’s been in her class.

  65. Andrew Leukhardt says

    My sons teacher deserves this because she is able to make her students enjoy school and fosters a love of learning in them

  66. Maria Iemma says

    My daughter is a teacher and I think she should be recognized for all the extra work she does for ‘her kids’ outside of regular school hours. She gets to school early in the morning and stays late in the afternoon to be available to her students that may need extra help or sometimes to discuss the book they are reading.

  67. Michelle Weaver says

    She is the best teacher because she not only teaches the material well to students as you can see growth in their learning but also invests in their lives outside of school making sure they know she cares about them and what goes on in their lives.

  68. Debbie F says

    My son’s 2nd grade teacher is so accommodating my childs need for alternate ways to learn things. She is also working with the kids in integrate a spanish speaking child into the classroom by teaching spanish to the current kids as well as english to the new student. And throwing sign language in too. My son is the most excited to go to school that we have seen yet. Hates it when he has appts and misses class.

  69. Laurel Simmons says

    I volunteered in class and my sons teacher really spends time with each child instead of just teaching from the front of the class. We are lucky to have her. :)

  70. Crystal F says

    It’s my daughter’s fourth grade teacher. She works very hard to make learning fun for the kids. She just went in to have wrist surgery and won’t be back for a few weeks. She really hated having to be away from the kids at such a crucial time in their learning. I know she’s going to be worrying herself to death about them.

  71. Merry says

    I would honor Miss D., the new 4th grade teacher at school. She is so enthusiastic and really encourages the kids and inspires them to learn. This is her first year teaching and i know she needs a lot of supplies for her classroom and with student loans to pay back this would help her tremendously with the costs.

  72. Shannon says

    My mom is a teacher and she always gives 110%. She comes up with fun ways to encourage the kids to learn. She’s always putting money out and I know this would help her a lot!

  73. Susan Christy says

    Heidi, the librarian is who deserves this more than the teachers – she really helps kids cultivate a love of reading!

  74. crystal smith says

    I think my youngest son (who is in pre-k) has a teacher who definitely deserves to be honored. My older son had her as a pre-k teacher two years ago and she went above and beyond to develop a personal relationship with each student and their parents. She fills her class time with projects that engage and excite the children. I was amazed at the transformation I saw in my son over his pre-k school year- he grew to love learning so much. I am excited that my younger son is in her class now and know that he will also benefit from her dynamic teaching style :)

  75. April Yedinak says

    I would like to help my daughter’s art teacher. She provides supplies for any kid that can’t afford their own.

  76. Robin says

    I would recommend my son’s special needs teacher who is always there to help my son progress thru the school day,

  77. Harmony B says

    My sons Kindergarten teacher deserves this because my son having ADHD he’shad a very difficult start to the school year and she has helped him make great progress

  78. Katherine says

    My kids teacher genuinely cares for all the kids, shows no favorites and expects the best from all of them but is willing to have fun and enjoy them

  79. Megan Parsons says

    My son’s teacher is amazing. Not only does she do a great job teaching them, but she makes sure no one’s feelings are hurt. She treats them all as equals and my son usually has a hard time learning, but this year he’s doing great!
    makeighleekyleigh at yahoo dot com

  80. Rachel says

    I am a student teacher in kindergarten, and I would love to give a gift card to my mentor who goes above and beyond in the classroom.

  81. Crystal Sell says

    She is encouraging and very patient, and is always giving us feedback so we are up to date on everything.
    sellcrystal2 at yahoo dot com

  82. Stephanie Larison says

    My daughters preschool teacher is the best. She takes the time that each child needs to learn at the same pace, and she always makes the kids feel like they’re a part of something big.

  83. laurie says

    my son teacher is the best, she spends her money on things for the class. she is good to all her students and they love her so much they don’t want to go to the next grade, she is loved by all, everyone is always complimenting her on her job, she is doing what she always wanted to do in her life and she is good at it.

  84. Brittney House says

    My son’s math teacher always goes above and beyond to make sure each and every one of her students understand the lesson.

  85. says

    My child’s teacher deserves to be honored because my child has autism, but with his teacher’s assistance he’s made so much progress that he’s taking 8th grade classes in a general ed classroom (and he’s only 12, so one of the youngest in his classes!)
    Tara C´s last blog post ..Wordless Wednesday 10-16-13

  86. Brenda Elsner says

    My son’s teacher goes way above and beyond for all her students when she can. She even went and bought my son and another child some new clothes when they went through his growth spurt and we didn’t have the funds to buy any. We love her to death!! She is a blessing to all her students. She doesn’t let anyone be without and always includes everyone!!!

  87. Katlyn says

    My three kids are homeschooled, but it is online through the school district, so they still have a teacher. Two of my boys are disabled and have special schooling needs, and their teacher really goes out of her way to help me in any way she can. She will answer a personal phone call from me at any time of the day. She doesn’t keep certain hours. I can call her whenever I need her help. And she is constantly giving them gifts of school supplies out of her own pocket. This would be a great way to give something back. Thanks!!!

  88. Denise Dunn says

    My daughters teacher is great! Shes always putting the kids first. Helped out a couple of the kids family on her time off.

  89. Kathryn C says

    I also don’t have children but I have nieces and nephews – in particular my niece Rachele has really excelled playing the violin-so I give a Kudos shout out to the teachers in that music dept. – very patient, encouraging and supportive!


  90. Roxann says

    My sons special ed teacher is great. She really teaches and cares about the kids. She doesn’t just go through the motions. My son has learned a lot and is very happy with her.

  91. hallie p says

    Like many districts in the country here in Palm Beach County they are slimming our childrens school budgets every year, more and more. This leaves the teachers having to pick up the slack and down here in Florida their pay is horrid. At my daughters open house last week her teacher took the time to tell us a little about herself. Four kids, kindergarten teacher for 10 years, and struggling with the ever growing demands from the board. A wishlist was written on a large pad of paper in the room. I donated a small amount of money, wishing I could do more. I am a single young mother with a low paying job and no education beyond high school. So I took to the blog community looking for contests and sweepstakes that benefit teachers and started entering! Thanks for supporting our teachers!

  92. Bonnie W says

    So many teachers are so underpaid & yet spend their own money to purchase supplies that schools no longer provide them with. I think this is a wonderful program.

  93. Deb Esling says

    I would definitely give this to my son’s Kindergarten teacher, Mrs. Davies. Not only is she a dedicated, joyful and compassionate teacher … but she has been an advocate for getting assistance for the students in her classroom that need a little extra assistance. She submitted a “summary of concern” for my boy because he has trouble with fine motor skills and she just didn’t have enough time during the school day to give him the focused attention he sometimes needs. And when the school decided to take a “wait and see” attitude, she called me in for a conference to see what WE could do since the school itself isn’t going to help. As a mom, I really appreciate her dedication to doing what is best for her students, even when it means going above and beyond!

  94. Betty says

    My daughter is in the Robotics club and the teacher is so motivating – the kids go thru a wide range of supplies like LEDs and various size batteries that are above and beyond your typical teacher needs.

  95. Susan Smith says

    My daughters 6th grade teacher was a very caring teacher that was very helpful to my daughter. She spend extra time with her and was always available to answer our emails or calls.

  96. Jammie says

    My daughter’s teacher is the bomb, she always goes out of her way to help others! Did I mention my daughter is homeschooled. :) We are in need or art supplies so it would be put to great use.

  97. Rebekah Miyata says

    We just moved to the US from Japan, and my son’s second grade teacher has been so welcoming and supportive. She is a veteran teacher; one of the parents in our class was taught by her! So she’s really paid her dues.

  98. Shirley Hicks says

    My son is in a lifeskills class, his teacher and her helper are very caring . They visits the classroom children and keep in contact with them over the summer. They go out of their way to be in the childrens lives. They keep in contact with me,about my child….they are more like family than teachers.

  99. Nicole says

    Their language arts teacher is always using creative ways to make learning fun. She turns it into a game and makes it very interactive to keep them interested, and it works!

  100. Nancy says

    My niece just started teaching and is doing so well. She is trying so hard to make a difference in every one of her students to help them along. She deserves to be honored for the effort and time she commits to them.

  101. Sarah VM says

    I can’t say enough good things about my daughter’s teacher this year. She is so caring and amazing with the kids. She goes out of her way to stay in close communication with the parents. I wish my daughter could have her every year!

  102. Lori C Sauriol Cosgrove says

    My Granddaughter, Gabi, is in kindergarten. Her teacher, Mrs. Lawlor, so obviously enjoys her time with the students. Gabrielle is advanced in reading and math, and her teacher arranged for her to go to a first grade class for those subjects. Gabi was not comfortable missing out on lunch and other time with her classmates, and, understanding the importance of social skills as well as academic ones, after discussions with Gabi’s parents, Mrs. Lawlor arranged for a one on one instructor for Gabi to have for math and reading so she could still be a part of her class for everything. She’s so warm and enthusiastic; it’s easy to see Mrs. Lawlor loves her time as a teacher.

  103. kathy pease says

    My sons teacher mrs B is such a fantastic lady she has so much patience and always takes the time to give each student extra help in explaing things they dont quite understand. she is just an overall great lady and is well respected by so many.

  104. tracey johnson says

    my daughter’s teacher is going through a rough time. He still comes and teaches the kids choir while he use an electronic speaking device. He is a great person

  105. Jackee says

    Mrs. Schwartz because she takes to time with each student. Makes them feel important and capable.

  106. mariem says

    we homeschool- i have a sophmore in hs and a daughter in college- this gc would be a great help in buying supplies!

  107. CharityS says

    My son has a wonderful science teacher, and she could really use the extra supplies in class. She’s working within such a tight budget, and I would love to contribute to her need for more school supplies.

  108. Liz W. says

    My son’s Kindergarten teacher does such an awesome job! She is so caring, patient, firm and encouraging.

  109. Kristen says

    Our favorite teacher is the drama teacher….she teaches so many life skills along with acting and putting on shows.

  110. Julieh says

    My kids teacher deserves to be honored because she is always so positive and she lives teaching. Her attitude makes learning fun for the students.

  111. Richard Hicks says

    Our son’s 6th grade teacher should be honored. She takes extra time for students having trouble and goes out of her way.
    brich22 at earthlink dot net

  112. says

    My son’s kindergarten teacher’s name is Mrs. Lombardi. She could really use this $100 gift card. Her classroom is bare because she is supposed to move classrooms, so she hasn’t decorated it yet. There is nothing on the walls, desks, or anything.
    mysticbutterfly37 at yahoo.com

  113. Jill Myrick says

    I would gift this to my sons third grade teach, Mrs. Knutte.
    She always goes above and beyond for all of her students by purchasing snacks for those that have none, paying for field trips for children that are unable to and purchasing extra school supplies for those that cannot purchase them for themselves.
    Although there are several of us that are more than happy to help with these things she takes most of it on herself without ever saying word. I know that she would make really good use of this gift card.


  114. Christian Alejandro says

    Well my little sister’s teacher is incredible. She’s known to stay available for at least an hour or two every day after school for anyone who needs help with their homework, tutoring, or would like to learn more advanced math. She is truly one of those teachers you know love what they do and have a passion in aiding those little growing brains!

  115. randi cook says

    My daughter has a math teacher who has not only help her greatly with her math by tutoring her. She has also been a great support and ally to my daughter who suffers from panic attacks! She has come to her aid several times even though she is no longer personally her teacher any more.

  116. Tim Moss says

    We don’t have children so I can’t answer this question. However, with that being said, I’d still like to be included in this drawing. Remember, not everyone has kids & I don’t feel that we should be excluded..

  117. Blessie Nelson says

    My daughter’s kindergarten teacher is committed to quality education. I love how she takes the time to nurture the children in my daughter’s class and stay overtime too!

  118. Sarah L says

    My grand daughter’s art teacher goes above and beyond to help her students.
    Thanks for the contest.

  119. joseph gersch says

    my daughters science teacher always encourages my daughter, uses examples and fun interesting ways to teach

  120. Sara S says

    My daughter’s teacher is a dream! She works hard everyday to help my daughter conquer her dyslexia. She spends so much time and energy on each student!

  121. Pam H. says

    My child’s teacher is extremely patient and I like how she encourages her students. She deserves to be honored for teaching Kindergarten – I don’t know how she stays sane.

  122. debbie says

    The teacher I’d like to surprise is not my child’s teacher, but my child who is a teacher! This is her first year teaching and starting a classroom is phenomenally expensive. She is excited, motivated, and loves her students. It’s a difficult time to be a teacher with all of the new regulations and changes but she is positive each and every day. This would be a tremendous boost to her beginning her career.

  123. katherine says

    My child’s math teacher really goes the extra mile – kids get extra help before or after class whenever they need it.

    katherinedibello (at) gmail (dot) com

  124. Jessica says

    My nephew currently has one of the best teachers that I have ever known. I would love to surprise her.

  125. Adrianne B says

    My child’s preschool teacher is always creating new materials for the children to use based on their developing interests and abilities. She must work many hours at home on her own time to create them! I admire her ability to connect to my child, as well as all her students, and I appreciate her dedication and hard work. I know that she and her family live modestly, so this gift card would really be helpful for her and her classroom.

  126. susan smoaks says

    our daughter’s teacher deserves this because she always uses her personal money to buy things for the classroom. she is very kind and she treats the kids like they are her very own.

  127. Monique Rizzo says

    My daughters 5th grade teacher was amazing. After losing her teacher the previous year tragically, she went above and beyond to help her cope and move on.

    Thanks for the chance.


  128. Diana Hatch says

    My daughter is a 5th grade school teacher and deserves to be honored! The kids love her and she loves them!

  129. says

    I think my son’s teacher should be recognized because he’s always there with guidance and support. I”ve never heard him say no to anything that’s asked from him.

  130. kathy dalton says

    My grandson’s kindergarten teacher is incredible. She teaches the children to have the right attitude and sets a great example. She treats one child a month who has been showing great manners and helpfulness to other students to a kiids meal at Chick fila and gives them a certifivate as well.

  131. says

    My son’s teacher has been amazing at communicating with us about what is happening at school and making sure we stay active in our son’s education too. At the beginning of the year, there was a supply item, makeup bag for supplies, that was really difficult to find around here. She did her best to keep parents up-to-date on where they could be found so that everyone could get the necessary supplies.

    mattschmunk at gmail dot com
    Matt´s last blog post ..Another Failed Century

  132. Glenna F says

    My daughter’s teacher stays after school twice a week on her own time to tutor kids that are having a hard time in Math. She is not paid for this time it is something that she does simply because she cares.

  133. says

    I don’t have a child, but I would love to win this to surprise my mother who is a preschool teacher. With all the budget cuts, they no longer have the supplies they need to truly educate the children they teach… I would love to surprise her with new supplies so she can prepare her students for Kindergarten and the world of learning. She is so passionate about her work and talks about her students all the time, I would love to see her receive a well-deserved gift like this to provide for her students and classroom.
    Brittany´s last blog post ..Paper Bag Pumpkin

  134. Kristin Sawatzke says

    My daughters teacher always goes above and beyond! She took the time to see that my daughter was really bored with her work and got her tested to find out she is gifted and was moved to their gifted program. she does so well and likes school again:)

  135. says

    My son’s Kindergarten teacher, Mrs. Carter just came back to teaching after raising her children-she was a Preschool teacher prior. My son was so nervous about his first day of school, but he immediately loved her. She is gentle yet can get them under control in a way that is beneficial yet not too stern. To not control a young class can cause stress to the kids that don’t do well with chaos like my son. She really does a great job making learning fun and giving him a peaceful enviornment
    Erinn S´s last blog post ..Blogger Opp: Join us in the Swing into the New Year Giveaway Event

  136. Holly S. says

    My daughter’s 1st grade teacher, Miss Amy is such an active teacher. She captivates her class with her teaching style; really gets their attention and acts things out so that everyone will see exactly how the concepts work. She’s not afraid to jump up on the tables to do a happy math dance or make up a song and sing it loudly. She is fantastic and every student LOVES her! Thanks!

  137. steve weber says

    my nephew’s teacher teaches her students what 3rd graders learn.. and he’s only in first grade!

  138. tina page says

    my daughters gifted/talented teacher is wonderful. she keeps things exciting and she has great energy.

  139. courtney hennagir says

    This would be so great to win for my sons teacher.She spends quite a bit of her own money to make sure the kids have everything they need and always makes an extra effort to make learning fun.What a cool program this is!

  140. Marcia Goss says

    My granddaughter just started middle school and is taking band. I would love to give this to her teacher.

  141. Dorothy Hubbard says

    I would send this to my daughter who lives in Calif and is a grade school teacher. She was just telling me that she was wondering if she could afford to buy school supplies to help out.

  142. John Joseph says

    Well the teacher goes above and beyond to make sure all her students are ok. If they forget lunch money she loans it to them until next day.

  143. DESIREE H says

    This teacher is a special education teacher. She is expecting a baby, too! I would LOVE to give this to her for her baby shower gift! She works very hard, studied hard in school, and is such a patient, loving teacher and person! Thank you

  144. Robyn Huffman says

    My daughter isn’t quite school age yet but she does attend therapy/daycare/school and I would love to surprise them. She started attending OT, PT and Speech back during the summer and her therapists and teachers have made such a huge difference in such a short amount of time. Our daughter has SPD (as well as food allergies) and I couldn’t get any daycare or preschool to accept her… was told she was too much of an added stress. Well, we found the perfect place for her and her therapists and teachers go above and beyond when working with her. Most of my daughter’s teachers/therapists purchase items themselves to have on hand for the children. From tablets to fun learning toys, if they come across something they know will help they purchase it out of pocket because they want the children to benefit from having what they need to learn. I know this would be amazing for them and would help them so much. Oh and if I have to pick just one… I would definitely say her Speech teacher :)

  145. Jen says

    I would surprise the art teacher at the elementary school. She buys almost every supply with her own funds…even gives up her summers to teach art camp (money goes back to school supplies) She sees 700+ kids a week and knows every single one of them by name. She is amazing.

  146. Becca Filley says

    My daughter’s language arts teacher makes learning fun and engaging. She also makes sure to send out sweet little post cards in the mail every couple weeks.

  147. Dawn Monroe says

    Im not good at telling stories but I will try to tell you about Mrs. Murdoch. I have six kids and four nieces/nephews that Mrs Murdoch helped get through middle school and high school. She always kept us informed, she always tried to help and she never looked down on us. She is a great teacher and now vice principale that deserves to be awarded.

  148. says

    My daughter has been diagnosed with ADHD and ODD, although I think the ADHD is a wrong diagnosis. Her teacher is the kindest teacher out there and she puts up with all of my daughter’s quirks/antics patiently (far more than I do!) and she deserves to be awarded.
    Heather M´s last blog post ..Toyota Corolla Offers

  149. Rosey says

    My son’s teacher takes extra care to ensure each child in her Kindergarten feels special, and she takes care to encourage their natural learning ability. I am always in awe of her ability to love each and every child the same, which is completely.

  150. Angela W says

    My daughters’ kindergarten teacher is one of the most amazing people I have ever meet. She loves teaching and the children she teaches. My little girl beams with joy every time I drop her off. I know that she is in the best hands and I’m eternally grateful for having her in our lives.

  151. Trisha McKee says

    Not so much teacher, but principal, because she is always there for my daughter and while she strictly follows procedures, she takes the time to explain to my headstrong daughter why the rules do indeed need to be followed. She took the time to understand that with my precocious daughter, you need to explain things to her and not simply brush her off as some misbehaving child.

  152. laurie says

    I think mrs. Wilson deserve this because she is the best teacher at her school, she is loved by children and teachers and parents. she spends her money on thing for the class or if a student needs something she there.

  153. Lanicsha Wynn says

    My daughters 5th grade teacher deserves to be honored because she goes above and beyond, she always challanges her kids, which is great because they will all be entering middle school next year, she takes time out to cater to kids individually to ensure that everyone is on the same level…no child left behind. She is very interactive with the parents and always keep us involved in what’s going on in her class. As of now her class has the overall highest grades out of all the 5th grade classes. My daughter comes home from school everyday with a smile on her face.

  154. Mary Liptak says

    My son David was a 6th grade student last year, but was placed in 7th grade math. His teacher, Mrs. Donini, went out of her way to make sure that David was comfortable with the other kids in the class, and he soared through the year with her and mastered the class. David is now in the 7th grade, and has Mrs. Donini for homeroom, and he couldn’t be happier about it!

  155. Luna S says

    My favorite teachers are the ones who take the time to spend time with EACH child no just the class room as a whole. That means the most <3

  156. meme says

    My nephews 5th grade teacher deserves to be honored because she goes out of her way to make sure her students get the best education she can give them like by making sure all her kids can go on the field trips even the ones whose parents can’t afford it. One time she had a child who she noticed all ways had a problem in the afternoons concentrating and was always angry. She found out that the child got free lunch but didn’t like what they had so he wasn’t eating and his family couldn’t afford to pack his lunch so she found out what he liked and packed him a lunch everyday.

  157. Sue Hull says

    My daughter is grown. I know a teacher who lives in my apt. complex. She is a hard working underpaid teacher. In the summer she doesn’t work and doesn’t get unemployment because she’s not a certified teacher. She went to school for 4 years and graduated but is unable to find the kind of job she wants. I think she deserves to be honored for all the kids she teaches. She’s such a lovely lady and just a great person. Thank you :)

  158. alena svetelska says

    my son speech teacher is great,she always help my son in any area he need,even though he get flustrated at times.She had all my 3 kids and must say thanks to her they talk excelent,must say too much at times;-)