A Day in the Life of the Youngs

So, after a very eventful morning, I decided to chronicle our day, as it happens. Oh, how I wish I took pictures this morning….

8:45am – Mommy wakes up with a head cold and declares it a PJ day. Meanwhile Noah spills his bowl of cereal in.the.living.room.

11:50am – Ethan tells Noah not to eat the Nesquik and makes him some chocolate milk instead.

11:55am – Mommy finds chocolate powder all over the counter and kitchen floor and helps Ethan clean it up.

12:05pm – 3 kids in the tub + goggles = water everywhere. The bright side? The bathroom is clean.

12:30pm – Mayo is splattered everywhere. Someone didn’t screw the lid on tight.

12:50pm – Mommy needs a nap. So does Ben and Noah. The big question — Will they get one?

1:10pm – No nap. Look at what Ethan found in his bedroom

velvet ant

{shudder} Apparently it’s a Velvet Ant (?).

1:13pm – The Youngs promptly remove the bug from their house.

2:40pm – Three of the Young children are caught sneaking Red Vines and are immediately sent to their rooms.

3:01pm – The doorbell rings. It’s Neighbor One and Neighbor Two. Mama Young explains that her kiddos are having quiet time, asks that the neighbor siblings not come back to knock on the door again, but assures them that her kids will get them when they can play.

3:05pm – Mommy attempts to nap with Noah and Ben.

3:48pm – Ben was finally settled and Mommy fell asleep at some point, but both are now disturbed by Noah, who is being a stinker…

Noah NOT sleeping

4:36pm – Mommy is awakened a second time… this time by both Noah AND Ben.

5:01pm – Mommy is awakened a third time by a knock at the door. Yup… Neighbor One.

5:05pm – Daddy calls to say he can’t take the twins to soccer practice.

5:06pm – There is another knock at the door. Neighbor Two.

5:32pm – The twins start getting upset because they can’t find their soccer socks and they are running out of time.

5:38pm – Mommy tries to figure out how to get the twins to soccer practice without waking Noah up from his slumber. He’ll be awfully cranky…

6:10pm – Back from the soccer drop-off, without a hitch. Woot!

6:20pm – Mommy realizes that she had planned to put a lasagne in the oven for dinner, but it’s too late now. Unless the Young family wants to eat dinner at 8:30. Hmmm….what to do?

6:26pm – The phone, that has been missing since Daddy called and talked to Zach, is found… It had been off the hook this whole time. Mommy calls Daddy to see what he wants to do for dinner. No answer on his cell phone.

6:55pm – Daddy finally calls back. He’s already eaten dinner, but he’ll pick up the twins from soccer practice. Mommy starts dinner for the kiddos. Looks like it’s a Ramen and veggies kind o’ night.

7:30pm – Noah was not supposed to bring his bottle of Gatorade in to the living room, but it looks like he did, since a huge red spill is discovered right next to the couch. NO-AH!

8:12pm – Ben declares that “the egg is broken” as he stands in front of the fridge with the broken shell in his hand. Don’t ask why, but someone had decided to take all of the eggs out of the carton and place them in the fridge door. You know, where the butter usually goes… ‘Cause that makes sense.

9:03pm – The house is back in order, the twins are finally getting some dinner, Uncle Chuck is here to visit with Daddy, Faith is here to play with the Young kiddos, and a Wordless Wednesday post has been scheduled for tomorrow. Mommy is now calling it a night.

**Today was a crazy day, but it’ll be fun to live-blog “a day in the life” after we’ve established a normal school routine… Stay tuned!**


  1. says

    Ewww Velvet Ant/Cow Killer Ants not really an ant but actually a wasp I stepped on one about 2 weeks ago. My foot was so sore for 48 hours I thought I was gonna chop my foot off. Next time my flip flop won’t near one of these but the bottom of a shoe will…..EWWW

    I get that kids need a nap, the me do it myself and clean bathroom floors. Have a good evening and better day tomorrow.

  2. says

    Great post, Christine. I think not only Moms can relate, but 3rd shift Dads who only occasionally have to fill Mom’s shoes when she’s at a business meeting can also relate.
    The egg thing–ugh! I thought I was the only one who encountered that.
    Gatorade–well, anything spillable and staining. I long ago convinced Robyn we should always have carpets with darker earthy tones and complex spill-like patterns to begin with. Ever since the first spill she has become an avid supporter of this theory.
    All-in-all it sounds like you had a challenging day. One of those when the night does not come fast enough.
    Best wishes for your recovery.
    Dave (DadOf9Kids)´s last blog post ..Child Leashes-Harnesses-Tethers- For or Against