5 days old

We had Baby Timothy’s follow-up appointment with the pediatrician today, so we decided to make a family outing of it.

Mama’s tired, but Baby is good – a bit jaundice, but nothing that a little sunlight won’t help. Timmy is almost back up to his birth weight, too, weighing in at 6 pounds, 5 ounces!

Timothy 10-15


  1. Andrea Vergara says

    So sweet and I see he threw up on you right at the start of the video and a great mama just kept on going


  2. says

    ohhhhhh…. My heart just melted. I have no kids and seeing little Timothy being so small makes me nervous to even think about holding him. What a major blessing that he’s okay, overall.

    How precious for him to have this site and videos for his memories down the road, when he won’t remember spitting up all over you. Maybe when he’s 17, this will keep him humble! :-)

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  3. says

    So sweet! And I had to laugh that your hubby caught you just as he threw up on you!!! Oh do I know that feeling well. Mine’s 7 months on Sunday and still doing that to me!

  4. Emily says

    Wow, what a cute baby. I have to boys and would have like to have them be babies forever but it they grow up way to fast. Both my sons were born at more than eight ponds six ounces.

  5. says

    The boys and I enjoyed watching, they both can’t wait to meet their cousin. Wow, that’s horrible, my boys haven’t met their week old cousin! :( Miss you guys!

  6. Jim Maxfield says

    Congrats on the baby….my fear, however, is you may have another one on the way! Looking at the bio on the left, it says with a baby on the way…my oh my.


  7. says

    Congrats Christine. He is so darling. I remember those tired days but remember….it will get better. They are so precious and innocent as newborns. Enjoy every minute!!!